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We are often asked by both Atlanta based clients and those abroad if we create websites using WordPress, and the answer is a resounding “yes!”. We were a little leery of the technology a few years ago, since oftentimes a new method of developing websites comes along then fades away after a while. We believe WordPress will be around for a long time though. It makes setting up a website much easier, and helps insure that the site looks consistent across different browsers, resolutions, and devices.

As Atlanta WordPress experts, we can create your site and show you how to make simple updates to it without taking extensive courses or reading thick manuals. Just a few hours of video or phone tutoring in WordPress and the average computer user will know how to add simple text and images to their site. If you’re considering a WordPress site, please email us via the contact form below to the right, and we can send you a no obligation quote. WordPress is now used on over 20% of the websites on the internet every day and is continuing to grow in popularity.

Atlanta Web Design – WCS

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Worst Case Scenario is a rock band out of Knoxville, Tennessee. They tapped to create a new logo for their group. They wanted something iconic, that incorporated their name as well as a symbol of a post apocalyptic scenario.atlanta-web-design-wcs

After some brainstorming, we decided to play off the idea of a fallout shelter sign. The yellow and black, triangular shapes of the warning symbols, combined with the band name. The logo evolved into the design you see, with the triangles forming a W.

As the band grows in fame, they hope the triangular W will come to represent their music, much in the same way the winged VH stands for Van Halen, or the psychedelic peace sign stands for the Grateful Dead.

Check out the logo to the right, and fill out our Quick Project Inquiry if you have any graphic or web design needs.

Atlanta Web Design – WordPress

Posted on has been providing customers with WordPress sites for several years now. WordPress is a CMS, or Content Management System. That means it allows non web designers the ability to make simple changes to their websites without a huge learning curve.

Normally with just a few hours of instructional videos, clients are able to edit the text on their sites, or add links to images or videos. has seen a growing need among clients to make these types of changes, so we are beginning to add instructional text and videos to our site. It’s under construction at the moment, though will be located at

WordPress is used on over 20% of the top sites on the internet, and is growing in popularity. One of the only limitations of WordPress is that it does not allow for complete customization of a site, so a template layout is normally used. Most clients are happy with the tradeoff, with the advantages being faster design of the site, and more consistent display over different screens, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.

If you are considering having a WordPress site done, please fill out the Quick Inquiry Form at so we can discuss your site further.

Atlanta Web Design – Dyllis

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Atlanta Web Design News

Atlanta web design firm is excited to announce we will be beginning production soon on the short film, “Dyllis”. Dyllis is a sci-fi horror film set in the small town of Dyllis, in East Tennessee just outside of Knoxville. will be partnering with LS Productions of Knoxville on this film.

Dyllis is set in modern times and tells the story of a group of thirty something friends who are different stages of their lives, yet are brought back together by a supernatural force that enters their town. Initially intrigued by reports of a strange entity around town, they investigate and their curiosity turns to terror. What started out as a guys weekend of fishing and camping turns into the fight of their lives.

Dyllis is a short story based on a feature length script. will be tasked with shooting the footage, editing it, and adding special effects. In addition to this, will also be creating all of the marketing materials, including the web site, movie poster, DVD labeling, and social media. The movie will shoot this summer for a fall release.

Atlanta Web Design – Postcard

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Atlanta Web Design – New Postcard Mailer has just finished our first postcard mailer:


This mailer features many of the varied graphic and web design projects we’ve completed over the last few years. This includes new websites, site redesigns, WordPress sites, Flash animations and presentations, business cards, flyers, brochures, logo design and branding, as well ad 3D renders and animations.

Industries represented include mortgage, residential and commercial construction, restaurant, medical equipment, publishing, gaming, movies, occupational health and safety, television, video security, mental health and counseling, retirement advising, golf, Ironman competition, and financial.

This postcard will be our first step into mail advertising, and we hope to gain some new clients from it.

Atlanta Web Design – 50cctv

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Our latest Atlanta Web Design project is for 50cctv in Marietta, Georgia. They needed a website for their security camera company. 50cctv been securing business safety for over ten years. They have attained a reputation for being thorough and complete in our installation, service and design capabilities. 50cctv installation staff are all trained, bonded and insured. They are up to date on the latest in technology and installation techniques, through their continuous training program. was created using WordPress, which allows non web designers who have basic computer skills to make text and image updates to their websites with only a small learning curve. The site also has a pricing calculator that allows site visitors the ability to calculate the cost of security camera installation at both a monthly cost and a total cost over time. The site includes branding, 7 pages, a contact form, and was completed in two weeks.

Ultimately the site will allow customers the ability to log in and view their cameras via their computer at any time. If you’re considering adding this service to your home or business, go to and fill out a free site survey request, 50cctv will make an appointment to review your site and recommend a specific system tailored to your needs.

Atlanta Web Design – UI Design

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I can’t say much about it yet because this project is still in the testing phase, though I can show a recent User Interface design. The client needed a toolbar designed for their application, something that was clean and clear yet stood out on their interface. It’s still in development, but far enough along to share:


Atlanta Web Design – Welcome

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For more than a decade, has been providing graphic solutions for communities both local and worldwide. We specialize in:
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We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality graphic design available. Whether you need a simple logo design, or a complete marketing package, we are ready.