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Atlanta Web Design – SmartyStreets

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Hi Abu – You helped me to create a Smarty Streets widget for the contact form creation site.
The Smarty Streets Jotform widget allows user to create a contact form that, when added to a form,
autocompletes the street address with a 9 digit zip code.
It’s important that the zip code autocompletes the address along with the full 9 digit zip code, (not the 5 digit zip code).
So far, the widget you created is on Jotform, you can see it here:
It does not autocomplete the address though.
This example does autocomplete the address including 9 digit zip code:

The documentation for each is here:

Below is a post I made to Jotform asking about the status of the widget you submitted.
If you scroll down, you will see there are errors in the console:
Im not sure if those errors are still there. This is the most recent post about your widget:

You can test the widget at, the login and pw is npsga
The form there is named “Smarty Streets Test”.

I tried it once more and the widget is still not autocompleting the address.
Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!