Atlanta Web Design – WordPress

Atlanta Web Design – WordPress

Posted on has been providing customers with WordPress sites for several years now. WordPress is a CMS, or Content Management System. That means it allows non web designers the ability to make simple changes to their websites without a huge learning curve.

Normally with just a few hours of instructional videos, clients are able to edit the text on their sites, or add links to images or videos. has seen a growing need among clients to make these types of changes, so we are beginning to add instructional text and videos to our site. It’s under construction at the moment, though will be located at

WordPress is used on over 20% of the top sites on the internet, and is growing in popularity. One of the only limitations of WordPress is that it does not allow for complete customization of a site, so a template layout is normally used. Most clients are happy with the tradeoff, with the advantages being faster design of the site, and more consistent display over different screens, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.

If you are considering having a WordPress site done, please fill out the Quick Inquiry Form at so we can discuss your site further.

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